Hybrid Bio-Chemical Reactor for Ammonia Removal

Specially designed to remove ammonia, AMOTEK is the world’s first hybrid bio-chemical reactor that doesn’t require chemical dosing – suitable for the agricultural sector as well as paper mills, composting facilities and other industries.

Co-current Trickling System specially designed to remove ammonia

With over 99.5% reduction efficiency, this technology is already becoming the number one answer to reducing hog farm emissions. AMOTEK is not only suitable for the agricultural sector, but is also the solution for ammonia emission reduction at paper mills, composting facilities and other industries.

We expect AMOTEK to become THE best-selling technology for ammonia reduction just as TORRENTA has been for H2S reduction.

Why Amotek

Hybrid bio-chemical reactor for ammonia removal


Consistent performance, few moving parts, extremely high reliability, and near zero maintenance

Cost Savings

Simple installation and minimal disruption to operations


Over 99.5% ammonia reduction efficiency

The AMOTEK Process

Patented Technology

Air polluted with ammonia and organic compounds enters the unit, where it is absorbed into liquid and forms ammonium (NH4).

As the ammonium travels down the AMOTEK system, it oxidizes to form nitrite (NO2).

Last, it is converted from nitrite to nitrate (NO3), finally exiting the unit as clean air.

Amotek Process

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