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AZZURO’s proprietary systems reduce gas, biogas, or boiler gas—consuming no chemicals at a low operating cost.

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AZZURO’s Sulfatech Biogas Desulfurization system takes care of numerous gases such as hydrogen sulfide and siloxanes that will damage gas powered generators and other gas powered equipment

The Sulfatech system offers a highly efficient and cost-effective alternative to historical methods of reducing sulfur emissions. In contrast to amine treatment, thermal oxidation, or caustic scrubbing, AZZURO’s technology provides expanded capabilities for treatment of gas, biogas or boilergas while offering higher reliability and reduced maintenance, all at significantly lower installed cost.

Biogas at a glance

  • What is it

    Biogas is the way to create energy out of Waste, Wastewater and Menure. To do this efficient the removal of H2S is key.

  • Why it's harmful

    The H2S, if not removed will corrode the gas engine and turbines and caused SOx emissions. If the biogas is fed back to the grid it needs to comply with the gas standaards which also means the removal fo the H2S is needed.

  • Where it's found

  • What removes it



A truly unique counterflow trickling system for a wide variety of air cleaning solutions - the system guarantees a stunning removal result year after year, without media replacement.

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An anaerobic gas scrubber, supplemented with an aerobic regeneration unit. SULFATECH is used to sweeten sour gas in oil refineries and remove harmful sulfur emissions from gas in “waste to energy” projects fully biologically.

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