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Low-maintenance solutions for reducing sulfur emissions in the Cellulose & Pulp Processing industry

EHS Managers and Plant Operators choose AZZURO to promote sustainability and reduce operational costs.

Invest in a greener future.

Unique Technology. Hundreds of Installations.

Eliminate the high cost of thermal oxidizers, chemical scrubbers, and carbon beds with AZZURO’s low-maintenance solution

Sulfur emissions like H2S, CS2, and COS are a constant course of regulatory scrutiny in the Cellulose and Pulp Processing Industry. Knowing the hazardous and explosive characteristics of these compounds, industry leaders look to AZZURO as a reliable, affordable alternative to traditional emissions control systems. Already present in cellulose casing production, fungicide and pesticide manufacturing, and other applications, AZZURO is proven to remove up to 99.8% of harmful sulfur compounds while reducing 95% of operating expenses.


Cellulose Casing Production

Over 600 AZZURO installations around the world support the process from raw organic materials to tasty products, using no hazardous chemicals or complex instrumentation that must be calibrated or replaced.

Paper Mills

Pulp and paper processing is the third largest industrial polluter in the United States, due to harmful emissions like ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. AZZURO’s high performance bioreactors are proven to reduce ammonia concentration at paper mills and boast 99.8% sulfur removal.

Pesticide/Fungicide Production

AZZURO has been working to promote effective, sustainable solutions for pesticide and fungicide manufacturing for over 20 years, with no performance issues or downtime reported.

Sponge Production

Recover CAPEX in as little as 24 months with AZZURO’s solutions for sustainable sponge production and other cellulose manufacturing.



A truly unique counterflow trickling system for a wide variety of air cleaning solutions - the system guarantees a stunning removal result year after year, without media replacement.

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AMOTEK, specially designed to remove ammonia, is the world’s first hybrid bio-chemical reactor that doesn’t require chemical dosing - suitable for the agricultural sector as well as paper mills, composting facilities and other industries.

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When HE&S Managers and Plant Operators look for alternatives, they seek out our biological process and high-performance bioreactor.

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Sulfur Compounds

Expanded capabilities for treatment of H2S, SO2, COS, CS2 and mercaptans now come at a lower cost with less maintenance.

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Viscose Industry

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