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Biological air pollution control solutions that are financially and environmentally sound – for clients worldwide.

Biological Air Pollution Control

For more than two decades, AZZURO has helped clients meet emission regulations by offering the most cost-efficient method of air pollution eradication.

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The AZZURO Difference

AZZURO delivers on a promise of quality, the longest life span and longest guaranteed system performance, and decades of knowledge


Smart emission solutions are our strategy – driven by efficiency, technology and sustainability – client after client.


Over 20 years of experience – over 600 installations. Clients profit from our consistent performance, few moving parts extremely high reliability and near zero maintenance.


No chemicals or annual media change-outs reduces your carbon footprint and creates no waste by-products.


AZZURO systems are long lasting, the media doesn’t need to be exchanged, no chemicals are needed. The short ROI makes for a sound investment that immediately pays off.

Technology & Biology Solutions

AZZURO offers highly efficient alternatives to conventional technologies like chemical scrubbers, thermal oxidizers and carbon filters – without fail or high cost. Non-chemical, microbiological solutions are where the future lies, where clean solutions live. It’s where AZZURO thrives.

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Our Products

  • Amotek

    AMOTEK, specially designed to remove ammonia, is the world’s first hybrid bio-chemical reactor that doesn’t require chemical dosing - suitable for the agricultural sector as well as paper mills, composting facilities and other industries.

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  • Azzorbo

    Activated carbon filter product line, suited to function as a polishing filter or as a full-blown stand-alone system. Unique in design, AZZORBO is the only carbon filter that’s fully accessible from the top.

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  • Puretta

    A compact combination system that combines the best use of biology and activated carbon to deodorize small air flows. Specially designed for limited spaces.

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  • Sulfatech

    An anaerobic gas scrubber, supplemented with an aerobic regeneration unit. SULFATECH is used to sweeten sour gas in oil refineries and remove harmful sulfur emissions from gas in “waste to energy” projects fully biologically.

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  • Torrenta

    A truly unique counterflow trickling system for a wide variety of air cleaning solutions - the system guarantees a stunning removal result year after year, without media replacement.

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Our Solutions

  • Agro, Food & Beverage

    AZZURO Air Pollution Control Systems are the perfect match for people, product, process and budget – for processing plants, canning fruits and vegetables plants, fruit juice, and dairy and potato products plants.

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  • Wastewater Treatment

    The first to introduce a solution to the WwTPs in the 1990s, today’s biological air pollution control solutions keep municipal water odor-free.

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  • Cellulose & Pulp Processing

    When HE&S Managers and Plant Operators look for alternatives, they seek out our biological process and high-performance bioreactor.

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  • Petrochemical

    Over 99.5% of H2S and SO2 can be eliminated by a rugged biological system with few moving parts and no chemical consumption, operating at ambient temperature and pressure. 

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  • Ammonia

    When HE&S Managers and Plant Operators look for alternatives, they seek out our biological process and high-performance bioreactor.

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  • Hydrocarbons

    Hydrocarbon recovery is best served with our bioreactor versus amine or caustic scrubbing—thanks to higher reliability, reduced maintenance and lower capital cost.

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  • Sour Gas

    With microbiology at our core, we transform carefully cultivated bacteria into a giant ecosystem to treat polluted air and sour gas emissions.

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  • Biogas

    Our proprietary biogas system reduces gas, biogas or boiler gas—with no chemicals and a low operating cost. 

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  • Odor

    Hard to define but easy to notice. Odor is a nuisance like no other – but it can be successfully treated.

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  • Sulfur Compounds

    Expanded capabilities for treatment of H2S, SO2, COS, CS2 and mercaptans now come at a lower cost with less maintenance.

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