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Next-gen Petrochemical solutions for sweetening sour gas

AZZURO’s biological emission control systems are proven to reduce over 99.5% H2S and SO2 for refineries and other oil production facilities.

Invest in a greener future.

Freedom from sulfur concerns in oil and gas production

Meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations while reducing cost and maintenance

Government regulations on sulfur and VOC emissions are becoming a more and more expensive problem for the Petrochemical industry. With new restrictions announced every day, oil production facilities need an affordable solution for eliminating toxins and sweetening sour gas. AZZURO’s rugged biological systems achieve unmatched removal results with no chemical consumption – the cost-effective alternative to conventional treatments like caustic scrubbing, amine treatment, or thermal oxidation.



With compliance costs rising, refineries face immense pressure to reduce harmful emissions from flares, wells, and other sources. AZZURO bioreactors offer an attractive alternative to conventional methods of sulfur treatment and hydrocarbon recovery. Rather than installing yet another amine cycle or caustic scrubbing operation to your process, a bioreactor will perform the same function with higher reliability, reduced maintenance burden, and a much lower capital cost.

Oil Production

Requirements for sulfur reduction and hydrocarbon recovery limit oil production volume in both developed fields and discovery operations. AZZURO bioreactors offer expanded treatment capabilities for removal of H2S, SO2, COS, CS2, and mercaptans present in natural gas. These rugged biological systems are perfect for any remote, unmanned operation, requiring close to zero maintenance.



A truly unique counterflow trickling system for a wide variety of air cleaning solutions - the system guarantees a stunning removal result year after year, without media replacement.

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An anaerobic gas scrubber, supplemented with an aerobic regeneration unit. SULFATECH is used to sweeten sour gas in oil refineries and remove harmful sulfur emissions from gas in “waste to energy” projects fully biologically.

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Hydrocarbon recovery is best served with our bioreactor versus amine or caustic scrubbing—thanks to higher reliability, reduced maintenance and lower capital cost.

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Sulfur Compounds

Expanded capabilities for treatment of H2S, SO2, COS, CS2 and mercaptans now come at a lower cost with less maintenance.

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Hard to define but easy to notice. Odor is a nuisance like no other – but it can be successfully treated.

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Sour Gas

With microbiology at our core, we transform carefully cultivated bacteria into a giant ecosystem to treat polluted air and sour gas emissions.

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