Put Toxic Emissions Out to Pasture

Unique solutions for ammonia reduction in agriculture and other industries

Reducing ammonia deposition has become a high priority for a variety of industries, which is why AZZURO developed a one-of-a-kind ammonia treatment system, AMOTEK.

Discover unmatched ammonia treatment.

Cultivate a toxin-free community

According to the European Environment Agency, ammonia emissions can lead to increased acid depositions and excessive levels of nutrients in soil, rivers, or lakes.

These emissions negatively impact water quality and aquatic ecosystems as well as forests, crops, and other vegetation. The most common source by far is the agricultural sector, but ammonia can also be found across various industrial applications. That’s why AZZURO developed AMOTEK, a unique biological solution for ammonia reduction.

Ammonia at a Glance

  • What it is

    Colorless, pungent gas composed of nitrogen and hydrogen

  • Why it's harmful

    Negatively impacts water quality, crops, forests, and other vegetation

  • Where it's found

  • What removes it



A truly unique counterflow trickling system for a wide variety of air cleaning solutions - the system guarantees a stunning removal result year after year, without media replacement.

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AMOTEK, specially designed to remove ammonia, is the world’s first hybrid bio-chemical reactor that doesn’t require chemical dosing - suitable for the agricultural sector as well as paper mills, composting facilities and other industries.

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