Compact Combination System for Odor Removal

This compact combination system specially designed for limited spaces blends the best use of biology and activated carbon to deodorize small air flows.

Odor removal designed to fit any space

Another AZZURO original, PURETTA is about 6.5 ft in diameter and 6.5 ft high. This tough, compact combination system blends the best use of biology and activated carbon to deodorize small air flows (up to 750 cfm). Specially designed for limited space locations that need reliable odor removal, The use of biology greatly extends the carbon bed life and efficiency in this small system. The economics are simple – the reduced number of carbon replacements is proven to lower operational costs.

Why puretta

Compact combination system for odor removal


Compact system specifically designed to fit limited spaces

Odor Removal

Biology and activated carbon used for deodorization

Cost Savings

Reduced number of carbon replacements lower operational costs

The Purretta Process

PURETTA has an initial biological state in which most of the hazardous components are oxidized and then flow through an activated carbon bed to purify the outgoing air completely.

AZZURO’s patented Spacious Wire Pac Media is optimized for microbial growth by combining the highest contact surface and void volume



When HE&S Managers and Plant Operators look for alternatives, they seek out our biological process and high-performance bioreactor.

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Hard to define but easy to notice. Odor is a nuisance like no other – but it can be successfully treated.

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Sulfur Compounds

Expanded capabilities for treatment of H2S, SO2, COS, CS2 and mercaptans now come at a lower cost with less maintenance.

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Puretta Process

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